Organico Santo Domingo


Character and Taste
In Japan, people love blending this coffee with the famous “Jamaica Blue Mountain”. This became an insider tip in the USA a long time ago, since it promises an ideal combination of acidity, body and aroma. The coffee gets its extraordinary intense sweetness due to the careful processing. This coffee is a fine, exotic specialty in our assortment that prepares you pleasantly for your next Caribbean vacation.

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Origin and Plantation
The Dominican Republic was one of the first colonies that received coffee seeds from Martinique at the beginning of the 18th century. In the last decades the Republic suffered from crises, revolutions and poverty. The country has been recovering slowly from all the trouble and the economy has only recently started to recover. Apart from tourism, the export of coffee is a very important economic factor for the country. Only a few people know about the high quality coffee which ripens under ideal growing conditions on many small farms. Our coffee comes from the northwest of the island, the best cultivation region of the country, the so-called “Barahona”. The raw coffees are washed and dried in the sun.

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