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On our request for the superlative coffee quality we came across these outstanding Nicaragua Maragogype beans. Our choice of the Nicaragua Maragogype over the Mexican giant bean was dictated by the fascinatingly even large beans. The infusion fears no comparison to the Mexican Maragogype. The spicy and almost creamy Nicaraguan coffee is mainly sold to Japanese and American coffee lovers. On this side of the world this coffee is gaining appreciation with the finest connoisseurs.

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These Maragogype beans come from the Jinotega Region. They grow at an altitude of 1,500 m on volcanic ground and are harvest on small Fincas. True coffee lovers and experts already know that Nicaragua is among the top producers of high quality coffees. In the mountainous regions, only the ripe coffee beans are harvest by hand in up to eight plucking sessions. This is necessary because not all berries ripen at the same time; on the contrary, on a single branch you may find flowers, green berries and ripe red berries. The Maragogype trees do not yield as much as common coffee plants. For this reason they are neglected or wholly given up in some areas. Most of Nicaraqua lies around a valley which crosses the whole country and whose southern part is considered an earthquake area due to the volcanic activity which originates here. A chain of still partly active volcanoes goes from the large lake in southeastern Nicaragua to the Gulf of Fonseca on the border with Guatemala.

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