Espresso No.3


Character and Taste
All coffee lovers of the Italian espresso have been waiting for this blend. Our Espresso No. 3 impresses by its full strength and flavour, which leaves a long and pleasant aftertaste. A 30 % portion of African Robusta used in this blend completes the aroma. Surprise friends and lovers of Italian coffee with this blend.

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Origin and Plantation
This excellent Espresso blend tops off our Espresso assortment and brings full strength and flavour into the cup. The particular strength of this espresso comes from the dry processing of the African Robusta, which enhances its light, earthy, wooden, distinctive taste. A soft Brazilian coffee harmoniously counterbalances this strong coffee.

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100g, 1kg, 200g, 500g, 50g


Roasted Coffee (100% Arabica beans)


Beans, Ground


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