Caffe Creme


Character and Taste
Who does not love this Caffè Crème.  The fine and mild flavour bewitches any coffee lover. Thanks to the soft sweetness and the full body, this speciality gains more and more followers. Refine this coffee with a splash of cream and enjoy it any time of the day. Ideal for preparation in a coffee machine.

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Our well-balanced “Schümli” blend consists of Colombian, Brazilian and African raw coffees. Caffè Crème refers to a special type of preparation developed in Switzerland, which offers an alternative to the Espresso and is equivalent in taste to traditional fi lter coffee. Due to the high pressure when preparing this coffee in a coffee machine, the famous Crema (froth) is created.

Preparation of “Schümli”
Whether brewed in the espresso machine for the stove, the fully automatic espresso machine or in the French Press, you can be sure to receive a wonderful taste experience. If prepared in electrical espresso machines, it will also have the famous “crema”, which is where this speciality has its name from.
Espresso-Machine for Stove:
Grind the coffee to the coarsest size of grind, fi ll 7 g coffee per cup into each sieve and smooth the coffee powder without however pressing it!
Cafetière/French Press:
Preparation and dosage like all other coffees.

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100g, 1kg, 200g, 500g, 50g


Roasted Coffee (100% Arabica beans)


Beans, Ground


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