Brazil – Sao Bento


Character and Taste:
This coffee has a very expressive character. Its well-balanced aroma reminds of chocolate and caramel, which even intensifi es as the coffee cools down. Its sweet and nutty smoothness as well as the long lasting aftertaste will enthuse any coffee lover. Thanks to this unique flavour, international coffee experts judged this coffee on Cup of Excellence level.

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Origin and Plantation:
Our newest coffee speciality “São Bento” comes from the Southeast Brazilian state Minas Gerais, from a plantation close to the City of Carmo de Paranaiba. The flavour-intensive Arabica varietal Yellow Catuai is cultivated there at altitudes of 1,100 m above sea level. After a fi rst, rough sorting, the cherries are selected according to ripeness in a water tank, before part of the fruit pulp is removed and the beans are put out in the sun with the remaining fruit pulp to dry. During this drying process, which takes about two days, the coffee beans collect the sweetness from the fruit pulp and, hence, receive their incomparable flavour.

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100g, 1kg, 200g, 500g, 50g


Roasted Coffee (100% Arabica beans)


Beans, Ground


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